Who am I?

Hi, I’m Shubheksha - a software engineer by day and an artist/creative by night working on my small business: fluffmallow.com

Why did I start this newsletter?

I have ADHD, so I think A LOT. When I say “a lot”, I really mean it. I started this newsletter to capture some of my 100mph thoughts hoping some of you might find them as intriguing as I do.

What is this newsletter about?

I write about tech, politics, mental health (lots of focus on ADHD/neurodivergence based on my personal experiences) and anything and everything in between. And feelings. SO MANY feelings. I hope you like it :)

What will I get out of reading it?

Well, my hope is that reading my words makes you question how things work around you instead of just accepting it as “what it is”. If that happens, I’d LOVE to hear all about it - please hit reply on any issue and tell me about it! If I can make you question something/anything about the way the world works, I’d consider my mission accomplished :)